Anat Cohen & Trio Brasiliero: Rosa Dos Ventos

Released: April 28th, 2017

Rosa Dos Ventos (“Wind Rose,” or weather-vane) continues Anat’s kindred-spirit collaboration with Trio Brasileiro, with the album’s title hinting at the way fresh inspirations pass into their music like a breeze. They previously paired up for the 2015 Anzic Records album "Alegria da Casa. In the liner essay to that first album, Brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto wrote about how the sound of these musicians playing together transports him not to a concert hall but “to a happy gathering of friends in botequim, or corner bar in a small Brazilian town, where the music flows spontaneously and everyone takes part in the roda, also known as the circle of musicians.”


+ Players

Anat Cohen (clarinet)
Dudu Maia (bandolim)
Douglas Lora (7-string guitar)
Alexandre Lora (pandeiro, hand pan, percussion)

01) Baião Da Esperança (Douglas Lora)
02) Pra Você, Uma Flor (Douglas Lora)
03) Das Neves (Dudu Maia)
04) Valsa Do Sul (Anat Cohen)
05) Flamenco (Alexandre Lora)
06) Rosa Dos Ventos (Douglas Lora)
07) Sambalelê (Anat Cohen)
08) Ijexá (Dudu Maia)
09) Teimosa (Anat Cohen)
10) “O Ocidente Que Se Oriente” (Alexandre Lora)
11) Choro Pesado (Douglas Lora & Dudu Maia)
12) Lulubia (Dudu Maia)