Place & Time

Released May 3rd, 2005

Anat’s debut album is a stunning effort, combining her supple facility on saxophone (tenor and soprano) and clarinet, her expressive compositions and emotionally charged musicality.

"How thoroughly refreshing it is to hear a young musician who really does have a sense of place and time, in the best possible ways! Saxophonist Anat Cohen imbues her tunes and her playing with an understanding of how to use space and rhythm and, having played in many countries, with a feeling for other cultures and where jazz and improvisation are in the world at this time."  – All About Jazz

+ Players

Anat Cohen (tenor & sop. sax & clarinet)
Avishai Cohen (trumpet: 06, 07, & 09)
Jason Lindner (piano)
Ben Street (bass)
Jeff Ballard (drums)

01) Place & Time
02) The 7th Of March
03) Veinte Anos
04) 87 North
05) Say It
06) Homeland
07) As Catch Can
08) Pour Toi
09) Bat-El

+ Press Quotes

Ms. Cohen, a saxophonist and clarinetist, has delivered an auspicious debut with “Place and Time”, which underscores her burnished lyricism with rhythmic nuance.
– Nate Chinen. New York Times (June 2005)

On tenor or soprano saxophone or clarinet, Cohen exhibits expressive tone, precise control and finesse, especially in the tender spots but also when she’s stomping and wailing. And her virtuoso technique enables her to swing at breakneck tempos…
– David Franklin, JazzTimes (June 2005)

How thoroughly refreshing it is to hear a young musician who really does have a sense of place and time in the best possible ways! [Anat Cohen's] melodies and her solos tell stories and with a voice that’s uniquely her own but also reflects true listening to her predecessors and contemporaries.
– Donald Elfman, All About Jazz NY (July 2005)

Cohen is remarkably comfortable with the varied program and with the band, revealing a maturity not always heard on debuts.
– Tad Hendrickson, JazzWeek

For all its foreign elements, “Place & Time” has an improvisers enthusiasm about it, a joyous creative value that is undoubtedly jazz and certainly accessible.
– Germein Linares, All About Jazz LA (May 2005)

Saxist Anat Cohen has become known around town for her role in getting New Yorkers acquainted with the swinging work of Brazlian composer Pixinguinha, but her new self-produced disc, “Place & Time”, is an estimable album of straightforward jazz standards.
– Time Out New York (June 2005)

Anat Cohen has the quality of all lasting jazz musicians. She has presence. From her first notes, she tells you who she is – and over time, she tells you where she’s been in her life and travels.
– Nat Hentoff, from “Place & Time” liner notes

If the listener is not gripped by the authenticity and personal recollections of Anat Cohen, then something is wrong. “Place & Time” is a CD that grips the imagination.
– Natasha Washington, (May 2005)

How great it is to hear a debut album of an Israeli jazz artist that is made of the right materials: talent, maturity, sensitivity, self assurance and above all – original musical personality.
– Ben Shalev, Ha’aretz, Israel (May 2005)

In “Place & Time,” her debut album, one hears musical expertise, maturity and creativity, it’s hard not to agree with a statement made that Anat has the spirit of jazz giant Ben Webster in her sound.
– Yossi Charasonski, Ma’ariv Israel (May 2005)