Anat Cohen & Marcello Gonçalves: Outra Coisa

Released: April 28th, 2017

For Outra Coisa, Marcello Gonçalves arranged a dozen Moacir Santos pieces from their large-ensemble scores into intimate, lyrical duets, with Anat often playing in the rich lower register of her instrument and Gonçalves channeling the orchestral textures of the originals into his 7-string guitar. “The music of Santos has always been such a treasure,” says Gonçalves, a longtime member of Trio Madeira Brasil. “But it wasn’t until I started going closely through his scores that I realized how natural they feel on guitar, as if they had been composed for the instrument.
Moacir Santos’ music has this lightness and freedom,” Gonçalves adds. “Anat can really dance and sing with it – just listen to her beautifully warm sound and playful phrasing in ‘Nanã’ and ‘Coisa No. 1.’".


+ Players

Anat Cohen (clarinet)
Marcello Gonçalves (7-string guitar)

01) Amphibious
02) Coisa No. 1
03) Outra Coisa
04) Coisa No. 6
05) Coisa No. 10
06) Nanã (Coisa No. 5)
07) Coisa No. 9
08) Mãe Iracema
09) Oduduá
10) Maracatucuté
11) Paraíso
12) Carroussel

All songs by Moacir Santos (except #7, by Moacir Santos/Regina Werneck)