DownBeat: 66th Annual Critics Poll

Happy Song comes in second in DownBeat's Jazz Album of the Year Critics Poll!

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#2: Anat Cohen Tentet: Happy Song
Anat Cohen's Happy Song is the result of a diverse, remarkably talented cast of players, composers, and arrangers. Cohen wrote or co-wrote three of the tracks here, and the musical director for the project was Oded Lev-Ari. Cohen's clarinet work is consistently compelling throughout, whether she's exploring fusion on Lev-Ari's "Trills and Thrills" or unleashing the toe-tapper "Oh Baby."

"Happy Song" Among Best Jazz Recordings

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Anat Cohen Tentet: “Happy Song” (Anzic Records): Clarinetist Cohen released three recordings in 2017, each worthy of inclusion on any list of the year’s best jazz recordings. But “Happy Song” stands as the most expansive, for it represents a celebration of the clarinet and shows Cohen’s eloquence in addressing jazz, Brazilian, klezmer, world music and other idioms. The title may seem sugary, but the music provides considerable emotional lift.

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