Anat Cohen Tentet
"Happy Song"


Released on: October 6th, 2017

With the Tentet, “the aim was to create the smallest, most flexible large ensemble we could,” Oded Lev-Ari explains, “and I think the band really lets Anat be free in her playing and selection of repertoire – it’s an extraordinarily versatile band of musical omnivores, happy to go wherever the music takes them. The group’s balance between freedom and interactivity, individual expression and stylistic diversity – that mirrors Anat as a musician. Moreover, this band allows us to express our ideas about the inclusiveness, universality and openness of music, and how it should be a vehicle for connecting with listeners not just on the basis of genre and style, but on the basis of emotion and feeling.


+ Players

Anat Cohen (Clarinet)
Oded Lev-Ari (Musical Director)
Rubin Kodheli (Cello)
Nadje Noordhuis (Trumpet & Flügelhorn)
Nick Finzer (Trombone)
Owen Broder (Baritone Sax & Bass Clarinet)
James Shipp (Vibraphone & Percussion)
Vitor Gonçalves (Piano & Accordion)
Sheryl Bailey (Guitar)
Tal Mashiach (Bass)
Anthony Pinciotti (Drums)

1) Happy Song
2) Valsa Para Alice
3) Oh Baby
4) Anat's Doina
5) Loro
6) Trills And Thrills
7) Goodbye
8) Kenedougou Foly