3 Cohens – Braid

What becomes apparent by the end of Braid is that this a real band, reaching a level of communication bound by family ties, deepened by long hours on the bandstand and enlivened by an obvious love of the artform. The 3 Cohens have arrived, and hopefully this is only the beginning.
– All About Jazz


1. Navad
2. Gigi et Amelie
3. Freedom
4. Beaches
5. U-Valley
6. Lies and Gossip
7. It Could Happen to You
8. Elegy for Eliku
9. Tfila [Prayer]
10. Shoutin' Low

Exclusive Track: Navad:

Nosso Tempo

2007 Anzic Records

Siblings Yuval, Anat and Avishai Cohen have been playing together since childhood. Now, as seasoned musicians and band-leaders, they pair the joy of family music-making with musicianship of the highest level. They complete each other’s phrases, seamlessly intertwining solo and accompaniment in an exciting original program. Featuring Aaron Goldberg, Eric Harland and Omer Avital.


• Anat Cohen: Tenor Saxophone & Clarinet
• Avishai Cohen: Trumpet
• Yuval Cohen: Soprano Saxophone
• Aaron Goldberg: Piano
• Omer Avital: Bass
• Eric Harland: Drums


…arresting sophomore album… 
– Nate Chinen, New York Times

…[a] polyphonic pip.”
– Village Voice

Rarely in the history of jazz family bands have siblings so successfully created a unified group sound with as distinctive an identity as the Israel-born Cohens.
– Downbeat